Initial “Launch” Design for Hyperion Power Module announced today at Winter Conference of American Nuclear Society in Washington, D.C. and London’s “Powering Toward 2020″ Conference


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Initial “Launch” Design for Hyperion Power Module announced today at
Winter Conference of American Nuclear Society in Washington, D.C. and
London’s “Powering Toward 2020″ Conference

WASHINGTON, D.C., and LONDON, ENGLAND, November 18, 2009 — At the Annual
Winter Conference of the American Nuclear Society in Washington today, and simultaneously at the
“Powering Toward 2020″ conference in London, England, Hyperion Power Generation Inc. revealed
the design for the first version of the Hyperion Power Module (HPM) that it intends to have licensed
and manufactured at facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The HPM is a safe, self-contained, simple-to-operate nuclear power reactor, which is small
enough to be manufactured en masse and transported in its entirety via ship, truck, or rail.
Euphemistically referred to as a “fission battery,” the HPM will deliver 70 megawatts of thermal
energy, or approximately 25 megawatts of electricity. This amount of energy is enough to supply
electricity to 20,000+ average American-style homes or the industrial/commercial equivalent.
“In response to market demand for the HPM, we have decided on a uranium nitride-fueled,
lead bismuth-cooled, fast reactor for our launch’ design,” said John R. Grizz Deal, Hyperion Power’s
CEO. “For those who like to categorize nuclear technologies, we suppose this advanced reactor could
be called a Gen IV++ design.”

The design that Hyperion Power intends to have licensed and manufactured first will include all
of the company’s original design criteria, but is expected to take less time for regulators to review and
certify than the initial concept created by Dr. Otis “Pete” Peterson during his tenure at Los Alamos
National Laboratory. “We have every intention of producing Dr. Peterson’s uranium hydride-fueled
reactor; it is an important breakthrough technology for the nuclear power industry,” noted Deal.
“However, in our research of the global market for small, modular nuclear power reactors aka SMRs
we have found a great need for the technology. Our clients do not want to wait for regulatory systems
around the globe, to learn about and be able to approve a uranium hydride system. A true SMR design,
that delivers a safe, simple and small source of clean, emission-free, robust and reliable power is
needed today not years from now. As we construct and deploy this launch design, we will continue to
work towards licensing Dr. Peterson’s design.”

Kept quiet until today, this initial design for the company’s small, modular, nuclear power
reactor (SMR) is the first of several that have been under co-development with staff from Los Alamos
National Laboratory. Hyperion Power’s market goals include the distribution of at least 4,000 of its
transportable, sealed, self-contained, simple-to-operate fission-generated power units.
Offering a cost-efficient source of clean, emission-free, baseload energy, the HPM will provide
crucial independent power for military installations; heat, steam and electricity for mining operations;
and electricity for local infrastructure and clean water processes in communities around the globe.
More information can be found at the company’s web site:

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Press Contact: Claire Gimble

Phone: +1 (703) 722-2821 (USA)

Email: pressathyperionpowergenerationdotcom  (pressathyperionpowergenerationdotcom)